Welcome autumn!

Benvenuto autunno la natura offre il meglio delle stagioni

Contrary to the common belief that fixes at 21 the alternation of the seasons, autumn this year arrived today 23 September at 4.29.

This means that today the day and night will have about the same duration.

The Sun will in a sense shift its sphere of influence from the northern to the southern hemisphere along the imaginary axis of the equator,
rising precisely to the east and setting to the west.

We will thus slowly approach, day after day, the winter, inaugurated on December 21st by the winter solstice, characterized by the longest night of the year.
For those who live in the southern hemisphere, however, today will be spring.

The season of colors

Extroverted people might dislike this season, because it’s colder, and the times are getting out of the heat and happiness; is it really that bad though? I say it is not.

In fact, there are many myths related to the arrival of this season, especially originating from the Celtic culture that celebrated on the day of the autumn equinox the harvest god Mabon.
And don’t forget autumn gives us good wine, as the season of the vintage. Welcome autumn!

Moreover, although summer is considered the season of heat and freedom par excellence, autumn also has a lot to offer, as it’s the season of colors  by itself.
A mix of warm shades will peep everywhere, initiating transformations as only Nature can do. And this is how the bright green of the leaves will mix in warm shades such as yellow, orange and red.
An expected period especially for two of our country’s symbolic products, olive oil and wine.

But not only that. Autumn is also synonymous with seed harvesting for next year, herbal tea roots and preparations such as ointments and oil pipelines.

Welcome autumn!

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