Sushi mania. How much do we know about it?

Sushi mania | How much do we know about it?

In the last few years in many Italian cities we have started seeing an increasing number of restaurants. #Sushi mania. How much do we know about it? Sushi mania | How much do we know about it?

that offer sushi and other dishes of Japanese cuisine, triggering a real sushi mania. Undoubtedly, sushi is the most popular Japanese dish outside the Land of the Rising Sun.

In addition to this, Japanese cuisine was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In fact, our health can benefit from Japanese food (Japanese can claim to be one of the mostlong-lived populations thanks to their diet).Sushi mania | How much do we know about it?

However, regardless of this diffusion that has almost become a fad or a mania, are we really aware of all we need to know about sushi? What are its benefits? What are the small detailsthat we should pay more attention to?

All you can eat

By now, in Italy there are many Japanese restaurants that give us the opportunity to eat sushi at lunch or dinner at a bargain price, or with the most popular proposal known as “all you can eat”. Even though these offers don’t make us think twice about entering the restaurant, what we eat not always is healthy and safe. 

If we think about the fact that with a price range of 10/20 euros the client can eat as much as he/she wants, the quality of the fish must be quite poor. Moreover, if we bear in mind that the majority of the fish served is raw, restaurants have to respect specific hygiene standards in order to guarantee a safe and delicious dish to their clients. In fact, the abatement of raw fish is fundamental, and every single restaurant has to make sure to follow it, since that this process destroys the dangerous Anisakis parasites.

Another important step to limit the proliferation of bacteria that can be very dangerous for our health is the extreme hygiene standards when handling the ingredients and, as we know, high hygiene standards are the bedrock of Japanese culture. While we can’t say the same about the asian imitation of this precise and methodical cuisine, for instance the “Chinese/Japanese” restaurants that we find in our cities, of course, are not famous for their hygiene standards. 

When sushi is made in the right way, our body can benefit from this delicious dish:
  1. Fish: it is not a secret that fish is rich in nutritional benefits for our body. It is rich in omega-3, high biological and phosphorus proteins; it helps to improve the function of blood vessels, it reduces the risk of depression, heart attack and other negative conditions. poi
  2. Nori seaweed: it is mainly known thanks to sushi. It is rich in high vegetable protein content, vitamins, omega 3 and iodine. poi
  3. Wasabi: some people love it, others hate it due to its spiciness. Nonetheless, wasabi has many important beneficial qualities. It is good for our skin, it reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in our blood, it is an efficient antibacterial, and it also has properties that stimulate the immune response of our organism and its antitumor activities. poi

Therefore, taking into consideration all its benefits and, especially, if it is made following their tradition, sushi can really be a healthy dish. poi

From now on, we should all pay more attention and Itadakimasu! #Sushi mania. How much do we know about it? poi



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