The sugar free campaign has begun

Sugar free campaign has begun

The sugar free campaign has begun. Formal declaration of war on sugar announced.

PIÚINFORMA Association  is actively committed to supporting all companies that are in the process of changing their recipes with zero sugar objective.

“It was now inevitable”, “action for the defense of our people”, declarations follow one another, the whole citizenry is called to its duty, ready capillary enlistment plans on the Italian territory.

Sugar, an enemy now deftly infiltrated in our common life, must be found and put in a position where it cannot harm.

Over the years, it has created plots that see it present at every level of our food pyramid, not excluding any pieces, it has become economical and with its persuasive ability has made its way into the habits of all of us by spoiling us, making us addicted and addicted.

It will not be easy to limit our presence, but the union of all of us will be convinced and mutual strength, which will allow us to limit the damage that until now has inflicted on our society. The sugar free campaign has begun

We have the weapons, the strategies and the fervour to be able to defend ourselves and, at the same time, attack the cowardly enemy, launching a historic offensive against him.

Sugar naturally present in food is essential for our body, it needs it.

The added one is defined as such as it is not necessary for our body or the environment. Think of the entire supply chain, from cultivation to consumption.

The involvement of the institutions will be decisive in structuring a strict and fearless control regime. Where this has so far been tolerated and granted will no longer happen, the days of soft laws that left sugar with the possibility of raging without limits in our daily lives are over!

Water will return to being water, our foods will taste different, it will be the taste of freedom from slavery. Everyone’s health will benefit, there will be fewer broken hearts, widespread inflammation and many of the problems that afflict us will be erased by this operation that we are going to set in motion.

Don’t be afraid! Be hungry for a less sweetened life.
We are all reborn less devoted to this petty element that grips us. The habit is lost otherwise we will lose and it will not be as sweet as it seems.


Get out of this body! goes back Sugar!!

Dr. Francesco Cappelletto


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