Read food labels | part 2

Read food labels | part 2

Read food labels | part 2. As we said is the only reliable tool we have at our disposal to know the characteristics of a food. After reading the first part of the indications on the labels, you spontaneously ask yourself: but then, how can you not get lost in this jungle and be sure to always choose the product we expect?

Firstly, we always check the list of ingredients: shorter ingredients are preferred because they tend to indicate a less processed product. Let us also orient ourselves towards those whose composition highlights the presence of integral elements, therefore not refined. Lastly, the general advice is to avoid foods composed of ingredients that we do not know we therefore follow the old rule “in doubt, I avoid!”. poi

Learning to read labels is important: the ingredients are always listed in descending order and the presence in % of the total must be indicated. For example, if on the label of a snack we find sugar first, surely there is a lot of it inside. poi

And as for the nutritional part, let’s not dwell on the façade, we turn the packaging and in addition to calories, we always check the amount of sugars, saturated fats and salt. Read food labels | part 2

If we raise our awareness threshold when we enter a shop to shop, it will probably also accompany us to the exit: and if it is true that our choices are monitored, we can hope that our spending will succeed in ensuring that food companies increasingly take into account the reasons for those who want to eat well and stay healthy. poi

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