Eat a lot of fruit, but is there a limit?

Mangiare troppa frutta ha un limite

Today I was asked: does eating too much fruit can cause harm? And i had to immediately answer: absolutely not! In fact, it helps to dispose of the body’s water retention and excess sodium. The WHO, the World Health Organization, recommends consuming at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day, which corresponds to about 600g, or 1 kg of raw vegetable products, even better if in season. Eat a lot of fruit, but is there a limit?

For example, apple is rich in oak for example and other polyphenols, substances that contribute positively to our health as natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. In fact, quercetin curbs the production of nitric oxide during inflammation and we find it not only in apple but also in blueberry, grapes and wine, green tea, celery and capers.

In general fruits and vegetables are very important for the diet because they can supply not only   alkalizing mineral salts(magnesium and potassium, which increase the buffer power of the blood) and vitamins, also of insoluble vegetable fiber useful for disposing of feces and body slag. They also supply pan allergens, substances that modulate the immune system to prevent certain forms of food intolerance.

The only people who have to pay attention to the excessive use of fruit are those who suffer from gene suffering, that is, do not have the enzyme that disposes of fructose, and diabetics. In both cases an abuse of fruit rich in fructose, such as pear and cherries, or too sweet can create serious damage at the kidney level. poi

But these are the only two cases where there might be limits, otherwise… fruits and vegetables without borders! poi

Eat a lot of fruit, but is there a limit? poi

Dr. Luisa Gragnoli poi

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