Who we are

PIÚINFORMA  Association was born in 2011, acting in the whole Italian territory, and since 2013 is proposed in other countries as well, with the aim to help consumers to adopt healthier and eco-friendly lifestyles, in order to develop a culture of sustainable living that embraces most areas of our everyday life;

Considering the ever-increasing attention for human and environmental health, and the growing of problems resulting from bad nutrition and environment decay, it is essential to support consumers’ greater awareness, in order to make conscious and sustainable choices as reflections of the rising care for themselves and for the entire community. 

We have designed an educational, training and information program that involves businesses, professionals, government agencies and educational institutions of all levels.
As well as providing information, our specific aim is to concretely making available all needed tools and products to allow consumers make free and conscious choices.

One can live healthy and eco-friendly even away from home!