PIÚINFORMA®  coordinates and organizes several educational – both practical and theoretical – activities, and provides a lot of services in order to help choosing healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. We are engaged in several activities, and through the different working groups (specifically intended by our Governing Board), we can afford all the commitments we take with companies and hosting structures.

The current application areas of our activities are now focused on Vending and Ho.Re.Ca. We have set many goals to reach: spreading ethical and moral values, promoting the choice of healthy food, encouraging physical activity, limiting the intake of alcohol and tobacco, promoting a more conscious use of environmental resources and sharing the importance of environment protection. Basically, everything that can be summed up in the concept of sustainability.



We plan training session with the hosting companies, and we organize the activities together with the relevant offices involving experts and professionals of PIÚINFORMA® staff. We organize also thematic days with debates and discussions about human and environmental health.


We assure leaflets and paper informative material monthly supply: brochures, documents and articles that help consumers keep informed about several topics related to health and sustainability. All paper documents are also available for viewing on tablets and smartphones.



We manage several services both for hosts and customers, in order to ease the implementation of best practices in waste management, rewarding the virtuous ones and encouraging them through an incentivizing system. To monitor the waste we directly look at the producer: we believe that this could help waste tracking, recovery, recycling and then even its final disposal.


We subscribe agreements and relationships with companies, associations and institutions, universities and professionals that share our same values, activities and aims. We improve our and their visibility through several links on our websites and social networks, and we promote the interaction among users in order to sensitize public opinion about the importance of improving citizens health status. The aim is to start a real and purposeful prevention process intended for environment.