On Monday (March 11th) at “Stefanini” school of Treviso, we participated at the seminar “Edufootprint: experiences to share for a sustainable school”, where all participants talked about fundamental subject matters, such as: mobility and sustainable nutrition. 

OurPIÚINFORMA Association participated at another event focused on circular economy, sustainable nutrition and environmental footprint. Namely, subject matters that we deal with every day and that are the basis of our Association. 

Moreover, we had the opportunity to underline the activities that we do, what are the good practices that each one of us (especially schools and companies) should follow, and our sustainable proposals. 

At the seminar there were also other partners, and their speeches were focused on matters related to sustainable mobility and waste reduction. 

In addition, Rete Iside presented the CO2 Calculator used in order to calculate the environmental footprint. The calculator’s task is to measure the consumption of resources and school’s activities and transforms them into the environmental impact given by the supply of energetic resources and by the absorption of waste.   

It is important, if not fundamental, to understand what’s the best path to limit our CO2 footprint, and as a consequence, to change our everyday choices in order to guarantee an evergreen future to our children. 

Furthermore, we can’t not underline the fact that the 5 categories that were taken into consideration from the Calculator, we can also find the “away from home consumptions”, and among these there’s the Automatic Distribution and food service as well. 

As consumers we rarely think that Automatic Distribution and food services can contribute to CO2 emissions; actually, these two have an important impact as well. 

Therefore, in order to start limiting, with the aim of drastically reduce these emissions, we have to try, even when it comes to “away from home consumptions”, to insert a coin in the sustainability and awareness “drawer”. As an Association, being aware of all of this, with our “Sustainable distribution and food service” we give consumers the solution to do the right choice. 

For this reason, these events are fundamental for our mission and a way to increase environmental and nutritional awareness, not only among young people but also among adults and educational institutions that, first and foremost, have to be a source of information and education.

Information is the key. 


Press office

After the great success obtained in 2017 during the first MAB Youth Forum organized and promoted by UNESCO, 2018 starts with another big challenge for PIÚINFORMA Association.

Indeed, the Association has been chosen as official partner by the Global Network of Water Museums, a world-wide no-profit association that aims to create a new awareness on water consumption for a more sustainable future.

This Global Network engages more than 5 millions visitors per year and it includes more than 60 members from all over the world, with international partners such as UNESCOand the International Centre “Civiltà dell’Acqua”.

All these international institutions asked intensely for PIÚINFORMA’s participation in this project, knowing the constant engagement of its team for the development and application of good practicesintended to reduce plastic consumption in favour of an healthy, good and “0 km” water and alternative solutions to PET.

Today’s water resources are increasingly threatened by waste, quantity and quality degradation, not only due to an excessive technological and industrial progress but also to a weak civil awareness on the availability and importance of this fundamental source of life.

It is just for this specific reason that the Global Network of Water Museums operates in all over the world, to facilitate a change of attitude and relationship between men and water for a better future.

The fact that – among many Italian entities – the Global Network chose PIÚINFORMA Association to play a central role in this project of such importance, it’s source of profound pride and gratitude for us, and it represents an irrefutable proof of the goodness of PIUINFORMA’s past and present activities. From 12 to 15 June 2018  we will be at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris to take officially part to the project, that we are going to carry on with best effort for the forthcoming years.